A fascination with the shifting contiguity of representation and abstraction drives my artistic practice. In painting, collage, and printmaking, I provoke moments when this dichotomy becomes unstable or collapses altogether, when two dimensionality becomes three, when solid becomes fluid, when the familiar becomes strange. 


I set myself the challenge of structuring into each piece a tension between the conceptual and the concrete. Fragments of photographic imagery pull the viewer into moments of recognition while flat, geometrical fields of color insist on the materiality of the paint and its composition.    


My paintings evoke diagram, landscape, interior, architecture, and still life. Starting with a collage on wood panel, I develop a painting through the addition and subtraction of paint and drawing. I meditate on the organization of elements, adding and removing paint until form, color, and line balance several modalities of visual information. I use pencil line to delineate composition and create positive and negative space.  As I build and remove layers of material, my intellect and emotion decide what emerges and what stays hidden. The result, never preconceived, emerges from this archaeological process of accretion and excavation.